Life Transition Counseling
Life has a way of shaking things up, right when we get comfortable...

It’s always presenting opportunities for change and growth. As a woman, there is so much to balance! You find yourself managing transitions in career, relationship, family and life.  You may even be managing a deeper transition – internal change within yourself.

Transitions are energizing and exhilarating for some...and absolutely terrifying for many! You may feel stuck and helpless. You may feel anxious, doubtful about your ability to make the transition and worried about doing things exactly right. You have worked so hard, but you feel like giving up. Stress, self-doubt and anxiety are impacting all areas of your life. Therapy can help!

  • Learning better coping and stress management skills
  • Support without judgement
  • Letting go of any self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs that may impact your success
  • Decrease perfectionism that is getting in your way of going for it!
  • Facing the fear head on
  • Less overthinking and second guessing
  • Minimizing and decreasing anxiety
  • Improved self-care
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Ready to take the first step?
For booking or questions:

Contact me directly at: 888-987-9582 or email me using the link below.

*Grit and Grace provides services to California residents and ex-pats living internationally. Clients must be 18 and older to participate. People who have a history of serious mental health issues or active addiction issues, would not necessarily be appropriate for online counseling until stability is established.